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Breeding & Pricing Questions

Question:   Do you have any male or female puppies available?
Answer:    SORRY NO, no puppies at all are currently available. You may send in a requerst to hold a puppy for you and place a deposit, when they do become availalble. BUT NOTHING AT ALL IS AVAILABLE RIGHT NOW. SORRY.
Question:   What is the normal pricing of your puppies?
Answer:    AKC, ACA, CPR, or CKC Puppies are generally priced at the following price structure and up...........
    7 pounds and above for $850 up(colors and females slightly more)
    6 pounds to 7 pounds for $900 up(colors and females slightly more)
    5 pounds to 6 pounds for $950 up(colors and females slightly more)
    4 pounds to 5 pounds for $1000 up(colors and females slightly more)
    3 pounds to 4 pounds for $2000 up(colors and females slightly more)
    2 pounds to 3 pounds for $3000 up(colors and females slightly more)
Question:   Can I breed my puppy as he/she gets older?
Answer:    Sorry, no, whether AKC, ACA, CPR, or CKC, we do not normally sell that type of "breeding" puppy, generally a breeding puppy has a much higher price value than that of a "companion pet" and taking nothing else into consideration of many other things involved, the price of an AKC "breeding pet" is considerably higher. Full AKC registrations with breeding rights are available on some "companion" individuals for an additional $500 to $1000 for breeding rights and even more for an AKC registered "breeding" pet, depending on the individual.
Question:   I have seen puppies advertised for $350 or less, do you ever have any puppies for $350 or less?
Answer:    Sorry, no, we do not have that type of puppy whether they are AKC, ACA, CPR, or CKC. Just the vaccinations, micro chip and installation, and Behavior & Training Membership alone that you receive has a higher value than that, taking nothing else into consideration of many other things involved. We don't know, you may be able to find something in that price range elsewhere for just a 'bare puppy', but you need to be very careful when doing so to establish just how responsible the owners are, and any health and unseen health defects that may show up later, as it could be much much more costly to you, or there could even be a scam involved.

Coat Color Questions

Question: When you say 'Traditional Colors', what does that mean?
Answer:    Traditional colors are based on the AKC Standard and AKC registration of the colors of Black & Tan, Blue & Gold, Blue & Tan and Black & Gold, no matter what registry or registries are used.
Question: Could I have my puppy DNA tested for his/her genetic coat color?
Answer:   Of course, but that is generally done only if you are trying to see what your puppy could produce in coat color if he/she were bred. Most of our DNA testing services are done through labs associated with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) in Columbia, Missouri with various labs available, but all our DNA coat color testings are done by Animal Genetics Inc. (USA) in Tallahassee, FL. which is one of the many labs available in conjunction with the OFA. We test all our adult dogs genotype for coat color but do not coat color test our puppies. Coat color testing is available for approximately $130 and done from a non-invasive buccal swab used to collect DNA from the cells on the inside of the cheek.
Question: When you say 'Exotic Colors', what does that mean?
Answer:    It means colors other than the traditional colors of Black & Tan, Blue & Gold, Blue & Tan and Black & Gold. We breed our puppies in exotic colors that the AKC acknowledges and registers as unique beauties in exotic colors like Sable, Chocolate, Golden, Red, Chocolate Parti, Extreme Parti, Blonde, Black, Platinum Blonde, etc.

Congenital Health Questions

Question:   Do you do any type of health or congenital disease testing on the parents?
Answer:     Yes we do. You can see some of the health testing information at the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals(OFA) website by using the OFA link at the very top of all the YorkieKids.com major pages and then you can QUICKSEARCH a Dog by Name or Reg# from the OFA page. or you can use the OFA Number that is displayed on the parent's listing of the litter, for example like the OFA Number YT-PLL2/107M-PI that is listed for Champion Parkside's Heritage's son, PP's Double Up on Parkside.

In addition, our preferred primary current registration service for your puppy is generally with the ACA (American Canine Association Inc.) which offers free to you with your puppy registration Lifetime genetic health tracking, in addition to 24/7 Lifetime Lost & Found monitoring services with USA based live operators, Lifetime Worldwide Lost and Found Pet Tag replacements, ASK-A-TRAINER, ASK-A-VET, Dog Shows and trials, Educational Seminars, pedigree services, registration services, and National Toll Free customer friendly customer support services.
Question:   What does 'Clear by Parentage' mean?
Answer:     When you see ￿CBP￿ or clear by parentage, it shows the clearing of offspring out of DNA tested parents and means that the puppy itself was not tested for congenital disease but that the clearance was based on the DNA tested sire and dam￿s cleared or negative test results.

Deposit Questions

Question:   Can I hold a puppy without putting down a deposit?
Answer:     No, sorry, only a deposit holds a puppy for you.
Question:   Can I get a refund on my 'deposit'?
Answer:     No, deposits are non refundable(only with exception of your puppy not being able to be provided to you), but you can transfer your deposit to another puppy within 1 year, as long as the puppy you are transferring your deposit to is marked "Available For Deposit".
Question:   Can I see and visit a puppy and then put a deposit?
Answer:     Yes, if you put a deposit on the puppy IF he/she is "Available For Deposit" at the time span shown on the puppies listing of..... Approx. date of visit, viewing, meeting, pick up and/or delivery.
Question:   Can I transfer my 'deposit' from one puppy to another?
Answer:     Yes you can, as long as the puppy you are transferring your deposit to is marked "Available For Deposit".
Question:   Do I get credit for my deposit at the time of sale/adoption?
Answer:     Yes you do, the deposit is subtracted from your sale/adoption price and you pay only the remainder.

Dog Food & Eating Questions

Question: What kind of food are the puppies on?
Answer:    The puppies are slowly provided Purina Puppy Chow as they are being weaned from their mother with Pedigree Canned Dog Food added as their mother decreases her milk and more food intake is needed. The canned food can be mixed with the dry puppy food or used separately in the evening, as we do, if it is felt your puppy is not eating enough with just the dry dog food, if you aren't mixing them together. For your convenience a little 4 oz. bag of Purina Puppy Chow & a 13 oz. can of Pedigree are provided for you in your Puppy's Food Pack when you receive your puppy.
Question: How often should I feed my puppy?
Answer:   You should be feeding small amounts at a time, maybe 3 or 4 times a day, instead of one or two large meals a day. So a small meal every 4 hours or so should be about right for your pupy.

General Questions

Question: What does UTD mean?
Answer:   UTD means 'Up To Date'. When used in reference to immunizations, for example, it means your puppy has had all the puppy vaccination shots up to the current age of your puppy when you take him/her home. That doens't mean your puppy is not in need of further immunizations in the future, but when you get your puppy no additional shots are due at that time.
Question: Why do you say Toy Yorkshire Terrier?
Answer:   The Yorkshire Terrier belongs to the AKC Toy Group (hence Toy Yorkshire Terrier). All Yorkies that fall under the 7 pound adult weight with no minimum weight designated, are correctly staying within the AKC Standards. Not that the AKC will not register a dog that is above 7 pounds as an adult, they will, he/she just does not fall under the AKC standards as far as proper weight for their recognized breed. So when we say Toy, it referencess the AKC Toy Group and AKC Standards with its 'must not exceed seven pounds' Toy standards requirement. To use anything more than Toy would just be a 'buzzword', 'term' or 'phrase' used as a marketing ploy with no recognized standards behind it, and that you do so often see, but not here.

Microchip Questions

Question:What do I need to do to register my puppies microchip when I get home?
Answer:    You don't need to do a thing. Your puppies microchip has alredy been registered for you and all costs involved have already been handled for you. PetKey™ will be in touch with you to verify all your information shortly.
Question:Can I track my Yorkie with the microchip if he/she is lost from my home?
Answer:    Unfortunately no, information contained in a microchip has to be read by a scanner, it is not a GPS tracking device that will allow you to track and locate your pet that way. There are tracking devices though that can be attached to your pets collar and used for tracking, such as the TrackR bravo.
Question:In the case of loss or theft of my pet, can a microchip act as a permanent form of identification?
Answer:    Yes it can and does. A microchip can prove positive identification of your pet and your pet ownership.

Name Questions

Question:   We were kinda wanting to give our puppy a name. Can we change the nickname you have on the website to the name we are going to name her?
Answer:     Yes you most certainly can. Just tell us what you would like your puppies name changed to and we will update all information to his/her new name. It is actually better for us to have your puppies real name setup correctly so all PetKey paperwork can show his/her name correctly and you don't have to change it later.
Question:   Do I get to name my puppy whatever I wnat when I do the registrations?
Answer:     Yes you most certainly do. Whether you are registering with the AKC, ACA, CKC or CPR you can name your puppy whatever you like.

Payments and Transportation Questions

Question:   ...payment will be sent to you which will be in form of a United state postal Service Money order or Cashiers Check, it'll be mailed through the courier service and i will also arrange for a shipping agent to come for the pick up right after payment is delivered. I'll like you to hold on it for this time frame and disregard any other inquiries
Answer:    You cannot mail a payment but you can mail a 'deposit', if you like, but the deposit cannot be applied to a puppy to 'hold on it' until the deposit is actually received. The payment for the purchase/adoption of your puppy does not happen by mail and does not take place until the actual 'face to face' meeting with the buyer/adopter and direct 'face to face' transaction with the puppy. Only the actual buyer/adopter can pick up their puppy or arrange or have us arrange for a shipping agent to come for the pick up of their puppy, but only after the actual 'face to face' meeting of the sale/adoption of your puppy.
Question:   I live in Virginia. How would I get my puppy?
Answer:    Safe and comfortable transportation to our puppy's new family is always a Number 1 priority to us. How and where can I get my baby is always a question in a new prospective parent's mind. Since all our babys are sold/adopted only in "face to face" transactions, let us explain to you what is available for you to get your new baby by visiting the New Homes and New Loving Families transportation information here.
Question:   Can I pay with a credit card or check at the time of sale/adoption?
Answer:     Credit cards are available for deposits only, cash is requested at the time of sale/adoption, not a credit card of check, unless there has been previous approval granted.
Question:   Must I bring cash at the time of sale/adoption?
Answer:     Cash is referred and requested at the time of sale/adoption, unless there has been previous approval granted for some other kind of payment.

Registries and Registration Questions

Question: Can I register my puppy online?
Answer:   Yes you can. You can register your puppy with the AKC or ACA and CKC and CPR Registries online or by mail, depending on which registry papers you have with your puppy. Links to the AKC, ACA, CKC and CPR are provided at the top of the main Yorkie Kids pages for easy access.
Question: Do I have to register my puppy with all the registration forms I was provided or just one?
Answer:   You don't even have to register your new purebred puppy with even one Registry further, if you don't want to. Your puppy's litter was registered with the Clubs or Registries of the registration forms you were provided as a purebred Yorkshire Terrier, that is his/her litter registration papers. You can register your new baby individually with those forms with one, all, or none of the registry paperwork you were provided. It is entirely up to you and your preference.
Question: Why is my puppy registered with both the CKC and CPR?
Answer:   Just because they are the two Louisiana based Registries for your purebred puppy. The CKC is based in Walker, LA and the CPR is based in Columbia, LA, giving your puppy full purebred and pet registration status in all Louisiana Registries.
Question: Can I register my puppy with the ACA or APRI if they aren't already?
Answer:   You sure can, if you would like to and they aren't already registered with them. We now also register our puppies with the ACA based in Clermont, FL due to additional benefits to you, but the APRI based in Harvey, AR. will accept a puppy currently registered with AKC, ACA, or CKC. Recently we changed our preferred primary current registration service for your puppy to the ACA (American Canine Association Inc.) which offers free to you with your puppy registration Lifetime genetic health tracking, in addition to 24/7 Lifetime Lost & Found monitoring services with USA based live operators, Lifetime Worldwide Lost and Found Pet Tag replacements, ASK-A-TRAINER, ASK-A-VET, Dog Shows and trials, Educational Seminars, pedigree services, registration services, and National Toll Free customer friendly customer support services.
Question: What does it mean when you say AKC 'Limited or Pet Registration'?
Answer:   Yorkie Kids make our babies available for "companion pets" only, directly into individual pet homes, unless other arrangements are made. AKC 'Limited Registration' or AKC 'Pet Registration' means that your puppy is registered with the AKC but no litters that could be produced by your puppy in the future are eligible for AKC registration, and a neuter or spaying, although not required, is preferred by Yorkie Kids for all puppies, unless otherwise arranged. Full registration with breeding rights may be available for some puppies, but there would be additional costs involved and must be discussed with Yorkie Kids to see if breeding is possible and/or safe for your pet.
Question: Why did you make the ACA one of your Registries?
Answer:   For all the benefits to you and your puppy. Yorkie Kids thinks the LIFETIME GENETIC HEALTH TRACKING through the largest veterinary health tracking registry in the world and that owners of all ACA registered puppies have 24 hours access to the Ask-A-Trainer, Ask-A-Vet service and the Veterinary Professionals Database free of charge for the life of your dog is a big plus towards the health and well-being of your little companion. Including the ACA certified free of congenital defects by licensed veterinarians is another big plus. In addition with the ACA you can receive a Worldwide Lost and Found Pet Tag for their Lost Pet Recovery System, which is a plastic tag for the collar of your dog with a unique number that is attached to your dog's registration number. If your dog is lost and someone finds your dog, they can call the 1-800 number on the tag and the ACA can provide your contact information so they can return your dog. This service is free of charge for the life of your dog. The Pet Tag is one of the benefits you and your dog receives as part of the registration. Once you receive your certificate you will need to contact ACA at 1-800-651-8332 to request your tag free of charge. You will receive it back in the mail within 7-10 business days.

Sale/Adoption Questions

Question:   What is the price difference between purchasing a Yorkie male/female verses adopting a Yorkie male/female? I don't recall seeing anything but a deposit price?
Answer:    The purchase/adoption is actually the same, we consider all our puppies to be adopted into their new family. The deposit is always $250, but the price of the puppy is determined at approximately 2 weeks old and ranges from $800 up on male puppies and $1,000 up on females puppies. The deposit is always deducted from the price at the time of the sale/adoption.

Teacup Questions

Question:   Do you have Teacup Yorkies?
Answer:    Yes and No, or No and Yes. The often heard terms and phrases like miniature, mini, micro, micro mini, teacup, and tiny toy teacup Yorkies, were and are made popular as a marketing ploy by some and are often misleading. That's why we show you the weight of the puppies at birth and every week thereafter and also their projected adult size. We have seen the teacup label used on 6 pound projected adult weight puppies and every weight below that. The meaning of the term Teacup just depends on who you are talking to, it's really just a marketing thing. There are, as you can see in the AKC breed standard, no official recognized breed standard terms or descriptions to match these tiny terms, teacup or otherwise, they are nonexhistent within the realms of AKC standards. These are simply terms and phrases used to describe and promote as the more tiny and fragile puppies of the Toy Yorkie weights. We breed all weights within the AKC Standard, and yes, some of them are in the lower weight range. We just don't label them with some kind of 'marketing' term. So the answer to your question is Yes and No, or No and Yes. We do have from time to time "very small yorkies" that range from 2lbs to 3lbs at maturity, but we don't call them "Teacup".
Question:   What are actually Teacup Yorkies?
Answer:    The often heard term teacup. supposedly to mean the smallest Yorkies, was made popular as a marketing ploy by some and is very often misleading as to exactly what is being advertised. You may like to view the position of the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America where The YTCA￿s Code of Ethics precludes the use of the words ￿teacup￿, ￿tiny specialists￿, doll faced, or similar terminology by its members, and for good reason. in An Important Message About ￿Teacup￿ Yorkies By Gale Thompson of the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America by clicking here. You might also like to review the inforation About Teacup Yorkies at the YorkieInfoCenter.com.
Question:   I see you have the Estimated Weight/Growth Rate Chart in two colors, does the ligher color represent the Teacup Yorkies?
Answer:    There are, as you can see within the breed standard, no official recognized breed standard terms or descriptions to match the term, teacup, it is a nonexhistent term within the realms of AKC standards, so we don't know what actually is the size of a "teacup". We do acknowledge that when a Yorkie's adult weight is below the four pound range, it is considered extremely small by some and that is whey we have designated the difference in the lighter color of those who fall below the four pound range.

Training Questions

Question: I've always had problems trying to train new puppies in my home. Are you sure I can get all the help I need?
Answer:   Yes, you are guaranteed all the help you need. PetKey™ guarantees your DOGstar Membership includes unlimited, online, lifetime access to Brian Donovan's DOGstar Dog Training Video Library and your obedience support doesn't stop there though. DOGstar Certified Behaviorists are always just a phone call away to help you troubleshoot any behavioral issues you are experiencing with your dog. Don￿t worry because you will be able to call a behaviorist as many times as you need to for the life of your pet until you are comfortable with a training plan that is suited just for you and your best friend. Once you are a DOGstar Member the benefits and support never end. Teams of behaviorists are here to help you with your dog's behavioral needs throughout his or her entire life. Change is a fact of life and sometimes new schedules and environments are not only stressful on us but also our pets. This stress can sometimes result in a change in your pet's behavior. Rest assured though that your DOGstar behaviorists are always just a phone call away at 1-800-361-DOGS.

If you need further assistance and your puppy is registered with the ACA you can also "Ask A Trainer" housebreaking questions, if you need more assistance at http://acatrainer.com/

Vaccination and Worming Questions

Question: Was checking the medical sheet and where the vaccination is marked, far to trhe right under complete it says no. Also No's for de-worm, heartworm prevention and ear mites. Did she get all the vaccination or not and how about the other items?
Answer:   No, after time passes your puppy does not have all the vaccinations, de-worming and other things she needs. You can use your Medical Sheet as a guide to what more is needed on an ongoing basis. When you recieved her she was up to date for that time on all her vaccinations, wormings, etc. but as time goes on she needs more. You can check the Puppy Deworming Schedule and Puppy Immunization Schedule on the main YorkieKids.com pages for links to those schedules. Heartworm prevention is a monthly dose you can receive from your Vet and ear mites should be checked by your Vet on each scheduled visit.
Question: I brought my puppy to my vet for his next vaccination and he had a terrible reation to the vaccine. I had to bring him back to the vet. Does that happen very often?
Answer:   We have not had a reaction to any vaccination shots, yet, and it is not usual for a reaction to the vaccine occur, but it can and does happen occasionally. If your vet doesn't talk to you about the possibility of your puppy having a reaction from the vaccine when getting puppy shots and what to do incase, you might want to talk to your vet about what you should give to fight this reaction (e.g. Children's Benadryl) and the proper dosage, in case it happens again.

Veterinarian Questions

Question: Can I call your Veterinarian while we are together?
Answer:   Yes, you certainly may. We may also meet you at our Veterinarian's office for you to pick up your baby, if you like. Our Veterinarian Dr. Sam Thibodeaux of Thibodeaux Animal Hospital at 2239 Charity Street in Abbeville is open Monday through Friday, 8am-11:50am and 1pm-5pm and Doctor visits are by appointment between 8:00am and 11:30am and 1:00pm to 4:30pm. We are sure Dr. Thibodeaux would be more than happy to continue the care of your puppy for their future well being, if you would like also.

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