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Home of Purebred Yorkshire Terriers

Abbeville, Louisiana

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Purebred Yorkshire Terriers

(Traditional and Exotic Colors)



The Yorkshire Terrier, which became a fashionable pet in the late Victorian era was first recognized by the AKC in 1885 and is the 9th most popular AKC dog breed in America today. In the words of the AKC, the Yorkie has a personality of being sprightly, tomboyish, and affectionate, with medium energy and a small size. Nicknamed the “tomboy toy,” Yorkies are bundles of energy and enthusiasm. Yorkies are incredibly loyal to their owners and prefer to stay close by their side—but don’t mistake this for a need to be pampered. Their tendency to bark makes them reliable watchdogs, and their gentle nature makes them a good fit for families with children. Visit the AKC Yorkie page

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If you have any information on this pet's location please contact petkey™ immediately at 866-699-3463
or call Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Office with Deputy Travis Castillo, Abbeville, Louisiana ph: 337-893-0871

"Yorkie Kids" are the homes of OFA tested purebred AKC, ACA, CKC and CPR registered, traditional and exotic colored Toy Yorkshire Terriers, making sure our "Yorkie Kids" always have a home. We are not a Yorkie Kennel, we are a Yorkie Family. "Yorkie Kids" is a community of Yorkie loving Louisiana responsible in home breeder families with the AKC/ACA/CKC/CPR registered Toy Yorkies that are home-raised and individually loved as part of the family. We are not a kennel, but our community of families are now representing ourselves under the banner of our "Yorkie Kids", and want to share our precious, happy, healthy, and socialized little babies with other family homes who will give them love, attention, and kisses, and spoil and care for them as their own little babies, in their own loving family home. Yorkie Kids prefers their babies to go only to loving "pet homes" if possible, where they are spayed and neutered to protect against increasing the animal shelter populations. Based south of Lafayette Louisiana, all "Yorkie Kids" boy and girl puppies are being sold/adopted in "face to face" transactions with the individual breeders for "companion pets" only, directly into individual pet homes, not for resale, research or otherwise. We must be notified before the time of sale/adoption if this is not your intention of only as a "companion pet" and not for resale or research, because we have also made a commmitment to reduce the number of lost, stolen and unwanted pets in community shelters. The "Yorkie Kids" cause is to promote, provide and serve Yorkie pets and their family households with the very best possible highest quality pets, services and programs available to promote Yorkie pet adoption and continued ownership with responsible pet care and stewardship, so that all "Yorkie Kids" always have a home.

We are so dedicated to our cause that with every puppy, we provide lifetime emergency rehoming assistance with the understanding that for whatever reason, if a "Yorkie Kid" cannot be kept, you agree to contact "Yorkie Kids" first to help find placement in a new safe home.

Do you have a Yorkie in your family yet? Do you want one? Click on the "Yorkie Boy" or "Yorkie Girl" buttons above to see what baby doll puppy is available for you now, or contact us if you would like to be included on a waiting list to purchase/adopt a Yorkie Boy or Yorkie Girl for your family, or contact us to place a non-refundable *deposit to assure your tiny puppy is yours until ready to go home to you and your family.

All of our Yorkie Kids puppies are healthy, spoiled, well socialized and friendly, bred for loving companion pets from the best bloodlines available to us. We do everything within our power to assure we are providing only the best quality for you and your family, because they are also our family. Add love with a Yorkie Kids traditional or exotic colored Toy Yorkshire Terrier to your family today.

Call/Text: 337-230-8881

Email: YorkieKidsPuppy@gmail.com

Call/Text: 337-522-1617

Email: YorkieKidsPuppy@yahoo.com

Check availability now at http://yorkieboy.com/ for boys and http://yorkiegirl.com/ for girls before joining the "Puppy Waiting List"

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All Yorkie Kids puppies are sold/adopted in "face to face" transactions as "companion pets" only, not for breeding, resale or research.
Credit cards available for deposits only, cash preferred at time of sale/adoption. *Deposit of $250 required to hold/reserve puppy.
All deposits are non-refundable.(only with exception of your puppy not being able to be provided to you)

We reserve the right to determine who we will share our babies with, due to a concern for their health, safety and welfare. An explanation may or may not be given but is not required in the case of a refusal of sale/adoption.

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